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Javascript Backend Online Bootcamp

Fixed Charges : $300
  20 Days On Average


Curriculum for Javascript Backend Online Bootcamp - Weekends (Sat & Sun) - 3Hrs/day - 40 hours course
Introduction to Node, Mongo, & REST APIs
Introduction to javascript Basics and New gen features(ES6, ES7, ES8).
Installation and setup for Node, MongoDB and API tools like Postman etc
Creating an Express Rest API’s with Mongoose and explore basic CRUD operations and routing
Accessing the file system
Sending emails
Buffers, Streams and Events
Accessing the filesystem
Creating app with web sockets
Avoiding callback hell issue using Async, Generator and yield, Promises and Async Await Now
All about Process - Scaling Node.js Application using Cluster module
Code quality and Maintainability
Git Basics and Gitlab usage

Instructions for buyers

Should have a Mac Laptop or windows Laptop with latest configuration preferably

Backend Web Development


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