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I'm a Freelance Software Developer and Machine Learning enthusiast. So far, I helped several students to complete their assignments in various subjects of Computer Science such as Compiler Design, Python programming, basics of Machine Learning and Data Science.As far as Software Development is concerned, I basically work on various .net framework technologies such as WPF, C#, VB.Net, LINQ, Entity Framework, ADO.Net, and SQLite and MS-Access for back-end purposes. Currently, I'm working on a personal project using Freelancer SDK, Python, and Qt framework.Whenever I get a free time, I also participate in various Programming and Data Science competitions hosted by platforms such as Topcoder, Innocentive, HackerEarth, HeroX, and (previously) Kaggle.

C Programming Python Data Science Machine learning Java software development C# Computer Engineering .NET Framework Relational Databases sql Data Structures Data Processing Algorithms Research Papers
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