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Safety Measures
We are particular that none of our users should endure a bad experience while using the services/ or working for an employer they found through ITS JUNGLE. While we have made sure that there are no security threats through the website, things off the website is beyond our control. We strongly suggest that you take extreme precautionary measures while meeting new people and while striking deals with strangers.

Whatever deal you make, it is advised to finalise it in person. Choose a public place for the meeting. While finalising the deal, ask for ID proof so that you can be sure that there is no fishy business going on.When fixing a time, do not go for odd hours. Meet during business hours. Never arrange the meeting in your own house or any other secluded place.

We suggest that you are extra careful especially when dealing with high amounts of money. As a precaution, always tell your family and friends about the whereabouts of the meeting. This will be crucial for your own safety in case things go wrong. Also while going for the meeting, try to take your friends or any other person as company.

As an employer, when it comes to payment, it is always wiser to pay after the job is completed. Check if everything was done according to the deal made. Initiate payment only if you are fully satisfied. It is always better to make the deals with locals whom you can meet in person. As a service provider, always ask for payment in instalments in case of long term work which will take a sizeable amount of time to complete.

Never give any excess information regarding your bank account, Paypal account or even social security number. As much as possible, do not accept bank cheques or money orders as they can be easily faked. It is also advised to not wire funds using 3rd party services like Western Union, etc. Such services are not secure and might put your money at risk.

In case a particular employer or service provider cheats you or doesn’t adhere to the promised deal, notify us immediately. That way, we will block such unscrupulous individuals so that other users do not face similar situations. It is our duty to give the best experience to all our users. You can help us in weeding off such occasional trouble makers by having a constant communication with us regarding bad experiences. 

If you get a feeling that the people you are dealing with are into illegal goods or services, notify the authorities immediately. We try our best to make sure that all the people who register in our site are legit. Due to limitations beyond our control, such individuals might still invade our digital premises. If you do not let the authorities know of such activities, you will also get into trouble later on for assisting/allowing illegal activity.