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Term and Condition

This Terms and Conditions of Service is the official publication by the site It’s Jungle.com, a Public Service Platform for Job Seekers and Service Providers, to get connected with prospective Employers, looking for suitable hands. 
You, as the user of this website in any capacity of Job Seeker, Service Provider or Employer are bound by the clauses enumerated hereunder as the Terms and Conditions, for all intents and purposes.
Your accessing the website It’s Jungle.com will be deemed, as though you have read and understood these Terms and Conditions in full, and are agreeable to abide by these Clauses, so far as you are making use of this site It’s Jungle.com. 
1.    Anyone accessing this site and making use of the services of this site should be an adult of over 18 years of age; and is permitted by Law to enter into a contract with another person, for whatever purpose legally admissible. If you are not an adult, you are accessing this site unlawfully and you are doing so at your own risk and responsibility. It’s Jungle.com will not in any way be responsible for such action, whatsoever.
2.    Every user of this website It’s Jungle.com is required to Register as a Member first and foremost, before going into this website and making use of the services provided. Failure to do so will be deemed as a disqualification, and It’s Jungle.com reserves the right to deny entry of that person into this website and make use of its services.
3.    At the time of Registration as a Member, the person concerned has to provide whatever personal information is required by the site for its use. Members are required to provide only factual, authentic, complete and truthful information in their own interest. 
Any fraudulent and inappropriate information provided with an ulterior motive will be deemed as violation of the Terms and Conditions of Service. The person so doing will be dealt with according to the Law of the Land; and taken appropriate legal action against; and will be liable to pay damages and punitive fine as permitted by the Law, apart from being disqualified from the Membership.
4.    The Members will use the same and similar information as provided at the time of Registration in all the forms, contracts, and any other documents used during the course of making use of this website It’s Jungle.com. Any information provided to the contrary will be deemed as done wantonly and with malafide intentions, and the Member will be put to appropriate corrective action with penalty. 
5.    After completion of the Registration process, every member will be provided with a separate Member Account. This Member Account will be permanent till the Member ceases to make use of this site.
6.    Every Member will be assigned a User Name and Password for Logging into the website It’s Jungle.com. The unique Username and Password is the personal property of the Member. Therefore complete confidentiality should be maintained by the member in this regard.
 Safeguarding this vital personal-identity information is the sole responsibility of the Member concerned. Loss of Password or Username or suspicion of misuse of Username and Password should be promptly informed to the Customer Service of It’s Jungle.com website.
All the activities and functions from this Membership Account will be deemed as carried out by the concerned Member only. Therefore any impersonation if done or suspected to be done will be dealt with severely by the website. Members are advised to keep a vigil always in this regard.
7.      It should be clearly understood and expressly agreed that there is no employee-employer relationship, or partnership, or association, or agency, or joint-venture status, between It’s Jungle.com and with the Members – whether they are employers, service providers or freelancers, as the case may be. Every person works in their individual capacity independently, and their actions, omission or commission will not in any way bind It’s Jungle.com in any manner, whatsoever.
8.    Freelancers are permitted to choose different Membership Schemes made available by It’s Jungle.com. The procedures, modalities and remuneration as applicable to each Scheme are to be strictly adhered to. It’s Jungle.com reserves the right to deduct the fees, charges and commission, as and when applicable, from the amounts paid by the clients, if necessary. 
9.    It’s Jungle.com reserves the right to modify, change, or in any way alter the Membership Charges; Service Fees; Processing Money or any other charges as the case may be, from time to time, when necessary. 
Intimation in this regard about the modifications will be published at the site for the information of the Members in advance. This publication is only for avoiding any misunderstandings or confusions or difficulties in making use of It’s Juncle.com services between the parties concerned and is not compulsory.
10.    It’s Jungle.com will not under any circumstances, entertain Refunds. In the case of Cancellation of Membership at will or for any other reason like Cancellation for malpractices etc., the Membership Charges will not be refunded.
11.    For settlement of dues of remuneration for the jobs completed and services rendered, the concerned members should mention clearly prior to the payment that what method of payment they prefer, such as Bank transfer etc.  When such a payment arises, It’s Jungle.com team will scrutinize the request for correctness and applicability, as per the Terms and Conditions of Service and make payment only after such thorough verification.
            In case it is found out that the payment is in violation of any of the contractual obligations, charging back or reversal by bank or any other fraudulent activity, It’s Jungle.com reserves the right to Withhold Transfer of Funds to the concerned Member’s Account, under such circumstances.
12.    It’s Jungle.com reserves the right to cancel the contracts, expel the person from Membership and also deny accessibility to the site, if it is found that the Member has violated the Terms of Conditions of Service; breach of trust; or indulged in any fraudulent activity whatsoever. 

In this regard, the decision of It’s Jungle.com will be final and conclusive; and the Member cannot raise any claim for review or reconsideration of the decision.