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Privacy and Policy

Itsjungle.com is highly dedicated and focuses attention towards protecting the personal information of its users. We respect the Privacy of our users by all means. Our main principles towards this objective are:
1.The Personal Information provided by our users will not be sold; hired; or in any way misused or leaked to any third party
2.The information provided will be safeguarded with iron-clad secrecy, by encryption and unless needed by the law for any legal purposes, the information will never be divulged outside.
3.The personally identifiable data provided by the users will remain with us; and if there is necessity to share the same with our associates, partners or job providers, prior permission from the individual user will be obtained.

Required information
Itsjungle.com only asks for the necessary and basic information of the users like their name, surname, age, e-mail address, residential address, gender, etc and other additional information, such as educational qualification, skills, experience, and brief details regarding the personality of the user, such as their likes and dislikes. It should be specifically understood that these basic and personal information are collected for genuine use of Itsjungle.com. The freelancers, on the other hand, may or may not give their personal information; and they are doing so at their own risk and responsibility. Itsjungle.com will not be in anyway responsible for non-provision of desired jobs to them, in that eventuality. 
Your privacy is important to us

The IP addresses of all the users and the visitors are collected whenever they visit Itsjungle.com. The “cookies” are utilized for the purpose of collecting digital information stored in their browser, for identity of the user and details of websites visited by them etc. We use temporary cookies in such cases, to ascertain the information, so that as long as the visitor or the user is at our site, we are aware of the activities and as soon as he/she leaves, the temporary cookies will get terminated.

The registered users must allow the use of cookies, which are essential to permit the users to log in whenever they visit the website.

Itsjungle.com cannot be held accountable for the information posted by the users on the bulletin board, or on the public message board, because such information can be easily collected and seen by any third party. Therefore, in such cases, it will be the responsibility of the user only.

Google analytics
We use the Google analytics to make the experience of visiting the website beneficial for the users, as they are utilized to track the activities of the visitors on our website, and take a note of the things that they explored and how much time they invested on the site. The data collected is then transformed into numbers for our compilation and analysis purposes, which do not have to do anything in tracing it back to the visitor. 

Use of information
The personal information of the users including their contact details is neither rented nor sold by us to any third parties. However, the IP addresses are recorded for the system administration. The information is needed by us for statistical purposes, as it helps in the comprehension of the user’s pattern of search, current trends’ analysis, monitoring the tariff pattern, etc. The IP address is not linked to the personally identifiable data, and is used only to gather demographic information. But in the case of fraudulent activity, it is used in a different way, as permitted by the Law.