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Wordpress website  
Posted 3 months ago
I want a Wordpress website for my new cake shop.The website must be responsive.Please share if you have did the similar work before.Need to start today.   
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30 days
Proposal : Hi, I will be obliged to collaborate with you to help you in the development of the website site for your social enterprise company. My name is Pezan Charna.I am a software engineer and work part-time as a developer in a Tech company in Mumbai India.In my free time, I like to work as a Freelancer to help as I feel it give a better opportunity to connect with people and learn at an exponential rate. Considering your Business and the current market trending we will make your website inthe Parallax format.The Parallax format looks good on a mobile and also helps you toshow more content on a single page.Our website will have the following sessions.Header: There will be a small strip on the top that will have your logo and tagline on theleft and the menu bar to link to the pages below.We can also include social media links inthis headerSlider: This section will have mouth-watering pictures of food (Images to be provided by the client)My Story: This his section will have a small write up on you and how you got the Idea tostart this service along with a read more button.On clicking on the read more button the user will be taken to a new page where we can have a detailed info about you and yourIdea.Dish of the day: In this section, we a picture of the dish that is the menu item of the dayalong with a short description of the dish along will the costs.Also here we can add whatdishes will be available on other days of the week.Menu: In this section, will have your menu along with small details and the cost of thedish.Also, we can have a read more button here where we can give detailed info on thedish.How does it work? : In the section, we explain to our visitors how to order food and explainhow the delivery will work.Customers Speak: In this session, we will have a list of reviews of your clients andcustomers and their feedback on the food they had.We can use the ones fromZomato directly.We can also add an option here wherein we ask visitors to add a review.We will display only a few reviews say 2 or 3 then we can have a dedicated page for thesame once we get more reviews.Blog: In this section, we can have stories and documentaries on Parsi food.We can alsohave a video here wherein we show you making the food.(We will keep the recipes asecret ).Contact Us: This section will have a contact form and a Map of your location and otherdetails like contact number, email id.We can also have your social links here.Footer: This will be the end of your site will again have a small menu and your copyrights.THIS IS JUST A ROUGH LAYOUT THAT I THINK CAN WORK WE CANALSO, WORK ON A DIFFERENT LAYOUT IF YOU HAVE ONE IN MINDP.S=The proposal does not include the cost of hosting and domain which has to be provided by the client Please find below a list of website that I have made.I understand that the list might not be a very long one but "Every Expert Was Once A Beginner" // blog //blog do hope I can get an opportunity to work with you.I wait for your positive reply. Regards Pezan K Charna
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Proposal : Kreistal Technologies is creating a new model for a new age—we’re a creative digital consultancy. We bring together all the creative and technology capabilities, business acumen, and industry insight needed to help transform our clients’ businesses. With our end-to-end capabilities, clients can bring us their biggest challenges, knowing we’ve got what it takes to bring a new business vision to life with digital.Website: Gavhaneagavhane72@gmail.com8655451178
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