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$1000 to $2500
Artwork/Murals   Posted 4 months ago


How are you?
We are startup business company, we are seeking junior and senior freelancers who can work full time for our Company.
If you are willing to work at our Company, can you send your CV(name, photo, birthday, address, phone no, sky-pe, linkedln, email, work history, education history, portfolio) and screenshots of ID card(proof of your photo, name, ID number and address) and billing history document(proof of your name and address)?
We will send NDA if we verify you and you can join to our company after sign NDA.
You will work for 6 months at least and will get paid with monthly.
If you have intelligence team, please send informations of them also.
Please complete all docs and screenshots, and send to this email.
Looking forward working with you or your team together for long term.
Thanks and regards.

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