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Develop Chatbot for sending image to remote server and get response

$250 to $500


I’m looking for smart developer for long partnership. At first step need  to make Chatbot for sending image to remote server and get response (using existing Chatbot framework/platform for Facebook Messenger, Line, Viber, etc.)

I developed Beta-Version with manual code. Backend is: Python3, PostgreSQL, Json API. I would like to get up and running ASAP as such I am looking to leverage an existing opensource chatbot framework or online-constructor such as Snatchbot.me (but I am open to other suggestions) which will have the logic, functionality and admin features out of the box.

Chatbot functionality:Upon receipt of the image, our chatbot send it to remote server and get text response (via API JSON) with a series of predefined questions -- each of which will have a defined response (such as "Yes" or "No"), responses to the predefined list of questions may trigger the chatbot to take further actions.

Look at chatbot functions what I need  online on webiste https://Skinive.com
(start facebook messenger chat widget to activate chat-bot)

Also I plan to make this bot in different languages.The value of your proposal will be greater if you can help me translate the bot dialogs into languages other than English.

I can provide by response: - chat-bot logic schema- API commands for sending image and get responce- my help & consultations in development

To be considered, please include:
1. Your relevant experience developing, deploying and/or managing similar chatbot projects,
2. What Chatbot frameworks (if any) have you successfully worked with in the past?
3. What you will need to get started (server, predefined questions, etc.); and
4. Your fixed price bid for the project.

Good luck bidding!

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