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Document Management System DMS

$250 to $500
PHP AngularJS ExpressJS   Posted 5 months ago


Hi There,

This is Antony Raj from Dubai, UAE. We need to develop "Document Management System (DMS)" for our small organization at Dubai. Can we get your assistance on the same please ?. 

We would like to have following minimum features in DMS application 1). New Documents Upload: Scan and upload new docs, Indexing and Taging upload docs 2).Centralized place to store all types of documents, Attach barcode for document while saving, each document should have a unique number to identify 3).Admin dashboard 4).Search 5).R, W, D access based on users, Access control and data Security 4). Upadtes will be made frequently on documents. so we need document version controlling after document updates 5). A place to store obsolete documents  6).Nested folder structure to quickly navigate documents 7).Document Approval, Reject, Review option for admin 8). Scope of file types are .doc, pdf, .xls. .ppt, images etc.. 9). Any other important features which are missing here will be added later based on our discussion.

Could you please let us know your proposal on application designing, development, Testing and deploying assistance on the same please ?


Antony Raj

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