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Web scraping to gather data from my account on ancestry.com and post datat to a csv file

$250 to $500
Web Scraping   Posted 6 months ago


The below project is to perform web scraping within my own ancestry account.   The first step of the web scrape would be to log onto my own account.

Ancestry_dot_com allows people to submit their DNA for analysis.  Ancestry has a set of web pages to view information about people who are a DNA match to you.  Information such as Name, Predicted Relationship, Centimorgans, DNA segments as well as the person’s family tree.  From the family tree I’d like Surnames, full names, birth dates, birth location, death dates and death locations (all available on the web pages).  I’d like to be able to select a single “DNA match” from the AncestryDNA Results Web Page and gather information described above.  In addition, this “DNA match” has people who share DNA with the “DNA match” person.  I’d like to gather the same information from all the people who share DNA with the original “DNA match”.  I’d like this data put into a CSV file that I can download for analysis.

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