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Honiwealth does it better!!! A good and quality hairstyle enhances your beauty more???????????????? you want to look more beautiful then just shoot me a call or send text, I can work with different hair textures, age, gender and races.

You know that feeling of Omg!!!???????? When your clients tells you where have you been all this while. I just????????, try make an appointment today and come back with Smiling and beautiful look. lolz????????

Putting smiles on my clients faces makes me fulfilled and accomplished. I'm looking forward to your calls or text. I travel!! I travel!!! I travel!!!! ????????

Regular / Box / Feed in Braids (Small or Big size) 
- Kids Medium/Large ( start from $20 to $40 depending on the size)
- Adult Medium/Large ( start from $40 to $60 depending on the size)
Rich Braid Expression Extension is available for sale $4 per one, It also come in different colors. 

Senegalese Twist or Kinky Twist
- Kids $40
- Adults $70
Crochet braid with cornrows or without cornrows
- Kids $ 30
- Adult $ 60
Neat sew in is $60 with closure or frontal, for adults.

Ponytail with braid, Ponytail without braid, Relaxing natural hair. 

Please send text or call to inquire price, time and styles. 

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