Top Essential Tools To Manage Your Freelance Business

Selection of right tools will be needed for managing any Freelance Business. There are so many things you need to do to exist in the world of business. Being a freelancer you need to work on the project completion target, your monthly project and also for client acquisition. You need to manage each file, prepare the invoice and check the credits in your account. there are so many things in freelancing which managing single handed appears to be quite difficult. All thanks to technology which managed to gave some relief to the freelancer by gifting some unique tools to simplify the burden on a freelancer.

Essential Tools needed for Managing Freelance Business.

  • Portfolio or a Website: Freelancing is about marketing your qualities and for that you need to prepare a portfolio or even a website which briefs about the services you are offering and the work you offered so far. Place your portfolio in any leading buyer-seller platform. To present you in a more professional way you can launch your website to display your resume and work sample. Free tools are available to design your website. You can take help of platforms like me, Wix,, and WordPress to make free website for you
  • Software for Project Management: Being a freelancer you need to deal with multiple clients for multiple projects and different deadlines and so life is not so easy for you. You need a system which can help you in organizing the clients, their work and the deadlines. You can pen it down or use a digital calendar in form of project management software for tracking and monitoring the work progress. Take help of Project Management Software like Asana, Trello, Podio or Wrike.
  • Accounting system: For tracking sales as well as expenses you need accounting software. This will help in making easy billing to customer. It will make the work simple for tracking money which you earn and in year end for your taxing needs. You can try out any of these accounting systems like Zoho, wave quickbooks or freshbooks.
  • Cloud Based Document Management: Again being a freelancer you need to manage too many documents. Too many files and freelance projects and clients and you are in a mess. Initially you can take help of free tools like Google drive and even dropbox. The moment you notice that you are having increased number of clients with increase in documents you need to switch to professional solutions for document management. You can trust on the management systems for files like Document Management Box, eFileCabinet, Docady and Dokmee.
  • Video Chat / Messaging Service: There are some trusted communication method which is used by all like email and phone calls. But as we all know that face to face meetings are important building repo with the client. You can’t take time out to visit them at offices but why not go for a discussion via video conferencing software? Take help of Skype, PGi or Bluejeans Rounds and meet your clients online face to face.