Top 5 Rules to Save Your Startup from Failure

Just few months back you launched your startup business and now you are going out of cash. The situation is quite strained and you dont know what to do. It’s just only sales which can give some fresh air to your business. If you research on the market you will come across many startup entrepreneurs who actually failed before they even give a start to their business. But why? The reason is that they believed that mere developing a product or offering a service would be more than enough to have customers, who will be walking down to them. The reality is that no way you can make sales happen with this approach. You need to work hard to make sales happen for you.

Check out few tips to know as how you can make sales happen:

  1. What you must do to make sales happen? Arranging Webinars, conducting seminars, speech at conferences and visiting customers personally are some of the popular and proven best ways via which you can establish routes to be in the game. Look for more opportunities where you can get scope to share your story to those who can be your potential customers.
  2. Make it a habit to respond fast to customers and their queries. This is one such way with which you can create a strong impact in the minds of the prospects. Make it a habit to respond to prospects faster than your immediate competitors. This will capture the full attention of prospects towards you and will affect the sales turnover. Keep everything aside and make it a habit and be with the prospect first and fast. This will help in building a strong customer relationship
  3. Know your prospect well. Before you make an approach to sale your product or service invest time to know your prospects problems. Making research about customer needs is quite easy these days. You can run a survey to know taste and preference of the targeted customers for you. Offer you client’s huge value so that they feel like buying your company philosophy and end up investing in your product or service.
  4. Make a smoother path for trying your product. There might be some barriers which are prohibiting the prospects to try your products. Analyze and find them out. Offer them a deal which is easy for them to accept. Give them the scope to try the product once and then end up making them your trusted customers for life.
  5. Go for an impressive loop close. You may end up interacting with such customers who may stop responding to your mails all of a sudden. Till few days back all was well and the communication was on the right track and now you stopped getting any response. Close the conversation on a good note. Send a thank you mail for the time they invested interacting with you and let the prospects know that you are assuming they got a better proposal than yours from your competitor. Even if you get no response after that accept it as a client denial for availing services.

The startup is all yours and you want it running and growing. You need to move out of comfort zone to make sales happen for you.