Must Have Qualities for a Newbie Freelance Writer

Freelance writer is a booming career option nowadays. Apart from freelance writer, there are many freelance career opportunities that are currently taken up by many professionals. Freelancing is getting popular among profession due to the flexibility, work location independency and ease of work it offers. It is no more a career option for stay at home mom or retired professional.

The entry of new technologies into the corporate world has reduced the necessity to work from office. Professionals can now do the same work with the same efficiency from the comfort of their home. Freelance writer is a popular career opportunity. But not anyone can master the talent of being a successful freelance writer. You need to have qualities and personal traits that make you a successful freelance writer. Discussed below are some of the must-have qualities for a newbie freelance writer.

Self Discipline

Self discipline is the most important quality for any profession whether he is a freelancer or a full time employee. Actually, everyone must have this quality even to lead a successful life. As a freelance writer, if you are not self disciplined then you would not be able to finish your work on time. When you work from home, you may get tempted to watch television or call a friend and talk whole day. And in this way, you may end up spending more time in entertainment than work. You will miss deadlines, lose your clients and build a bad image as a freelance writer.


Initially, it may be difficult for you to get work online. Sometimes you may get frustrated if you don’t find a client. It may take long to find a good client but you will surely get. In such situations, you need to be persistence and keep searching rather than getting offended and lose interest in freelancing.

Time Management Skills

Time management is another important skill that is a must have for any professionals. If you can’t manage time you can’t manage work. As a freelancer, you have to provide time estimation to complete a task. It further needs planning the time smartly and providing an estimation that suits both you and your client. If you are good at time management then you will finish any work on time and your client would be happy to work with you.

Communication Skills  

You need to have a good communication skill for a successful professional career be it freelancing or full time job. If you can’t communicate well, you will not be able to handle clients and understand their requirements.


As a freelancer, you need be flexible to handle any situation assessment and decision-making. If you are flexible then you can easily diversify your portfolio and skills. And can easily explore new trends and opportunity.

Determination and Responsibility

When you work independently as a freelancer, many times you may have to make decisions and take responsibility for the work. You should be open to responsibility at a given point of time. You may face success or failure but you must have the determination to sail over it.