How to Win More Writing & Translation Jobs

Are you good in writing and translation work? Want to make some extra money by doing such work. If yes then read the content as we are going to share with you some great ideas which will be useful for you.

  • Give short and crispy introduction: Employers dont have that much time to read paragraph after paragraph for introductions. Too much intro is not the sign of being best. Make it short and solid. Mention what you can do.
  • Highlight experience and passion: You sole mission should be to attract the employers to click your profile. Employers look for quality which is penned in a resume highlighting freelancer experience. That is your calling card. Be sure about your passion as that will help you to do quality. This passion will be viewed well when presented with high-quality work sample in the portfolio.
  • Skill promotion: It may be the case that you are offering a specific service but also excellent in many other services which are not known to all. Mention all in the resume in bulleted points to grab the attention of the employer in one go.
  • Mention that you follow copyright laws and client guidelines: Copyright laws are completely legal; no one can debate on it, dissect it or dilute it. There are certain guidelines which are set by clients which need to be followed while completing the project. Mention in your profile in bold letters that you abide by the rules of copyright laws and client guidelines.
  • Grab attention in on go: When you make your profile ensure you include a quality profile pic. Do not use any casual pic as your profile pic as this will give the impression that you are no serious in your work. Get a professional profile pic and add that in your seller-buyer platform profile. If you are a company which is also taking freelance project then adds your brand logo designed by professional logo designer. Such approach will grab the attention of the employers fast.
  • Make use of graphics: If you are a writer or even an editor you will stay focused to play with words. But to promote your writing services on Freelance Websites, one also needs to make use of graphics. You need to understand browsing interest of employers. Inclusion of work samples is a major part of a good profile which need to be accompanies with small graphic. The graphic can be anything like clip art, custom designs or book covers, that represent the niche of your service. Being a writer if you dont have design skills, then never mind hiring one graphic designer for you who can prepare graphics of work-sample can and make a competitive profile.
  • Keyword enriched descriptions: If you are part of the online freelancing site then you are quite sure how important keywords are and how they can ensure the visibility of a website. The rule remains the same for freelancer profile. Select industry specific keywords for each and every service you offer. While penning down the profile and mentioning the services ensure you make use of the keywords. This will make your profile searched fast by the employers in the freelance platform.

The above are some of the key points which you need to consider for winning high paid freelance writing job and translation jobs being a freelancer. So get ready to make your profile a rocking one which can attract the employers with a single search onĀ that you choose to be a part of.