How to Set Your Freelance Writing Rates

One of the most common questions or doubts that a freelancer might have is what he or she should charge for his content. It is very important to set up your price but your price should also be justified. You can charge by the word, project, hour or anything, but it is totally up to you to decide. In this article, some popular pricing methods that have been used by professional content writers have been discussed. Please do go through the article before deciding your price.

By the Number of Words

With software like Microsoft Word and online word counting apps, the ability to do perfect word counting has become easier. So charging on the basis of the number of words is pretty frank, irrespective of the size of the document or the time being taken.

If you charge by the number of words, you must take a minute to think about the word ranges instead of the number of words. Let us take an example; if you have been asked to write a 500-word article for .15 a word, you cannot actually stop on the 500th word. So by pricing it out as a 500-600 word, gives you some comfort. But you will be paid only for the 500 words and so the extra words would just be useless. Also, you may find clients who do not consider a, an, the etc. as words. It is not the same for every client so you must ask everyone before doing the final invoice.

By the Hour

It is one of the worst and the most difficult pricing methods and is mostly disliked by professional writers. A project may take an hour or more than that. But let us consider an example where you have been assigned to do a 1000 word article; so if it is a known topic, you may take an hour and take the assigned price for it. But if you have been assigned a topic about which you have no idea, you may have to do some research work before starting the project. You may take more than one hour for completing the project. So if you are charging Rs 50 an hour and you have taken 3 hours to complete the project, you may charge Rs 150 for the project. Some clients may agree with you while most may think that you are overcharging. So it is better to avoid this means.

By the Page

This method is mainly recommended for writing ghost articles. But before writing, you must have a proper idea about the page like whether it is single or double spaced?  Or 14 or 16 font or does 3/4 of a page is taken into consideration or not. You must clear out these things with your client before pricing by the page.

By the Project

Professionals have always preferred to charge by the project as the clients already have a budget fixed in their mind. If you think that the money they are offering is good for the project, you will accept it. If you are not satisfied, you may negotiate with pricing. If you are still not satisfied, you may politely reject the client.

Well, it is up to you to decide the ways of charging; you may select a single method or may consider the combination.