How to Market Yourself as a Freelance Designer

CVs are written based on subject, but when you are working as freelancer in the design industry will such subjective CV solve the purpose? If you are applying for a creative designer position and presenting a CV which is made using Microsoft Word with Times New Roman as front, trust us you are wasting your time. CVs along with work samples can give massive opportunity for impressing the potential employers who are in need of talented designers for freelance projects.

Six tips which can make your CV and portfolio perfect for the freelance designer job:

  1. Make your introductory paragraph short, informative and Crispy.
  2. The CV ideally needs to be of no more than 1-2 pages and to the point. Store your experimental fonts for some different projects.
  3. Your Work samples should be in print format and to be an extension of your CV. It needs to be something which can create an impact and show us what you can make.
  4. If you are submitting digital work samples then give it in PDF format, with brief descriptions about individual project like it was done for whom and what was the topic.
  5. It’s a simple yet important to label the PDF with name so it appears easy for the selectors to find, for example ‘XYZ_ sample 10 will make it difficult for selectors to search through their folders.
  6. Make online portfolios of work as it works well and can be easily accessible. Ensure you keep it simple and be focused towards your work.

But is that only fine to make a CV to grab the attention of the employers for designing jobs? Well No. You need to know how you should market yourself and for that you need to follow some more tips.

  1. Find a USP: Find a trait which can help to make you look different in the industry and can support you stand out in the saturated market. You must know what you are good in and the best technique to present in a unique way.
  2. Grab small market for a better impact: Know your speciality and try to tap potential clients who are in need of the work which you do in particular. Finding specific niche will also support you in building up the name quickly leading to more work.
  3. Do blogging: Create a blog and then update it regularly with clipart of your projects, views of industry with some experience and it will help you in maximising your online presence and give you voice for the industry.
  4. Network online: Contacts are one of the biggest asset for any freelancer, and can create market both online or offline. You can take help of the social network sites to make a strong networking and we are confident success will not be too far from you.

So follow the tops of marketing and CV to establish you as one of the successful freelancer designer of the industry.

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