How to Choose and Interview the Right Freelancer for Your Project?

Want to make use of the services of a freelancer to complete a task, job or service at your end? Well, it has been made very easy for you by It’sjungle! Here you get lots of freelancers ready to fulfill your requirements, the way you want them to be.

Yet if you understand some nuances and intricacies, as how to choose the right candidate from the lot, conduct an Interview and select the person, it will be half-winning the objective of yours.

Post a Clear-cut Job Posting:

Using the fabulous opportunity offered by It’sjungle, you can post any number of Jobs – absolutely free. So use this chance wisely. Your Job posting should be very clear; unambiguous; don’t raise any doubt about the scope, extent, manner and your expectation of the task to be completed.

  • Use apt and exact words to describe the task, job or service
  • Explain your expectations precisely
  • Specify what you want the Freelancer to do and if there is a deadline
  • Leave nothing to chance or guess work

Remember your Job Posting is the base for your selection. The freelancer will read this and understand well, what you want to be done, without doubt. So before writing, step into the shoes of the freelancer yourself; and think what you will need to know and furnish the details. You can also get suitable guidance, if need be, from the expert professionals of It’sjungle.

Get a Short-list of Candidates:

On seeing your job posting, numbers of freelancers will send their applications along with full details, resume and their skills etc. There will be fit and unfit candidates as well. So you must be keen to prepare a Short-list from among them.

For this you need to prepare a short note for your use, and refer to it while screening every application side-by-side. Just short notes about –

  • What skills you expect
  • Experience aspect
  • Previous credentials, if any
  • What is the rate quoted and ‘
  • Importantly, the Time Zone difference between yours and the Service provider’s location.

Keep this note with you, when ticking the desirable features you find in the application of the Candidate. You can award marks also if you want, so that after finishing the process, you can call the candidates mark-wise or rank-wise. This will save lot of time in discarding unwanted Candidates.

Conduct the Remote Interview most purposefully:

Please understand the Job Interview is a very useful process – beneficial for you as employer and the candidate as freelance service provider. This is a great opportunity for you, to understand the capability of the prospective freelancer, and for them to know about you and your job specifications, directly.

Online Video is ideal. Set up your background right to create an “Office-atmosphere”. Be smiling and friendly when asking questions. It will generate good and cordial relationship and ease the tension of the other.

Talk precisely on the subject and encourage the other to come out freely, and without hesitation or inhibition. Your objective is to select the right man, not to criticize, mock and point-out the shortcomings of the candidate.

Record the Interview so that you can play it leisurely later, and observe everything at your will and pleasure. Encourage the candidate to be hopeful and you will revert to him shortly. Avoid all unpleasantness. You will end up with the selection of your right candidate freelancer! All the Best!