How to Achieve Stability in Your Freelance Lifestyle

To do freelance work is not an easy choice. A freelancer’s main responsibility is maintaining stability in income, time and personal life. It is preferred by most people to opt for freelance work after gaining experience in their steady day jobs. It involves a major change in lifestyle moving on from all kinds of benefits like a steady paycheck and paid time off to working and getting paid whenever necessary.

If not managed well, freelance work comes with a lot of stress. It is in the hands of freelancers to keep every aspect of their lifestyle stable and steady. It can help if they can create a few routines and guidelines in the early stage of starting a freelance business. If you’re thinking of starting a freelance lifestyle, or if you’ve just started a new freelance lifestyle, there are a lot of things you can do to make sure you eventually achieve freelancing stability:

  • Build a portfolio and keep it updated. It is the first, foremost and primary step to take. This portfolio should ideally be web-based since everything is turning digital nowadays. Buy a domain and a hosting platform, create a website. Put samples of all best and quality work you have done for your clients, but don’t forget to take their permission first. This is a very crucial aspect to the success of your business because this is how a client will eventually consider contacting you for your services. After you’re done building the portfolio, you can even consider buying services from an SEO or advertising consultant to bring more traffic to this website. Make sure the website is interactive, responsive and attractive.
  • Look out for freelance job related content on social platforms. LinkedIn, Up Work, Fiver and Indeed are some examples. Most businesses prefer to hire project-based freelancers instead of payroll employees. Aside from checking out such postings, don’t forget to post your work proposals every day on the same or similar platforms. All you have to do is set out a few hours of your day and make it wither a daily or a weekly routine.
  • Interact with like-minded people and potential clients. You can do this by going to local networking events, conferences and meetings. Look out for them on event pages and subscribe to email listings of public relation companies to receive press releases and event invites. It is important to have an intentional and direct approach to getting into these experiences because you should have a basic idea of what to expect there and what a client would expect from you.
  • Keep funds of at least 3 months’ worth of survival in your bank account. Freelancing is fun and it makes you feel independent, but it can easily cause money problems at times if the amount of work you’re getting is not constant. So, while you’re trying to balance producing a quality service and making sure that you’re getting enough work, it is very important to have emergency funds that can cover your costs.

Freelancing requires an amount of equal, or at times, more effort than what a day job does. In order to pull it off with ease and sustainability, it is important to keep a balance between work and life.