Hiring a Freelancer – Top 5 Common Questions Answered!

Hiring the services of a freelancer is advantageous very much; but totally different from engaging a regular employee. You can get numerous freelancer service providers at It’sjungle! So if you know very well the top questions that need to be answered, prior to engaging the services of a freelancer, you will be elevated to a winning position of your objective.

Precisely the following 5 questions need to be answered:

  • How to pick the best one out of the lot so that I get what I wanted?
  • How to ensure the Freelancer is responsive and is responsible for my task that needs to be done?
  • How to avoid disappointments later?
  • How to start smooth relationship with the freelancer?
  • How to get errors or dissatisfactory service rectified?

Now let us analyze them one by one:

Picking the Best Service Provider

First you must be very specific as what you want from the freelancer. Preparing a short-note on hand will be ideal. Where you write down your priorities namely expected skills; experience; delivery time quoted with rate and whether the service provider has understood your task well and clearly.

Keep this note handy while going through the offers that are similar to a job application. Check the points you have with that of the points noted in the offer. You can provide marks also, if you so prefer.  Your selection later may depend upon the highest mark to the next and the next while finalizing the selection.

Importantly, see particularly the Reviews made by earlier employers. This will throw greater light on the candidate’s capability and finishing the task as you expected. While doing this, be fair in your mind that the candidate might have got adverse remarks also, for not his faults. So it is not reasonable to punish him for this.

Checking the Responsive Nature

This aspect can be checked while going through the offer details and the working time quoted. This should correspond with your time zone. Make a note to ask the Freelancer during face to face online Interview to get this point clarified.

Cutting down surprise elements

If you understand the details of the offer clearly and checking whether they match with your expectations, a perfect understanding between both parties can be evolved. Only misunderstanding, guess works or assumptions on either side cause disappointments later. So be categorical in getting everything cleared threadbare.

Starting a Best Relationship

Here again perfect understanding is the key. If you are clear, unambiguous, specific and categorical in explaining the job requirements to the Service Provider, and ensure that everything is understood perfectly, this will be the base for building the Best working Relationship. This will ultimately result in getting your expected job finished excellently well.

Rectifying Errors and Mistakes during working

This is a factor related with human Psychology. See every freelancer is very eager to satisfy the present employer and be in their good books. Then only they can aspire for further engagements and income from others.

So in the case of any errors and mistakes happening, give a reasonable chance to the other, to get it rectified. There is no use blaming him or punishing him – if your object is to get the job done successfully. Approach this matter in this perspective, and get the error rectified fully and completely.

There is one more additional point to look into. Be very generous and exhaustive in praising the good work of the service provider.