Here Is an Excellent Freelance Platform for Employers and Job Seekers to Meet!

It is always like groping in a dense jungle, for the employers to search and get prospective service providers, and for the job seekers to find well-paying jobs. Just by a spark of an innovative idea, Its Jungle has resolved this jungle-groping exercise, once and for all.

They have created a workable Platform online, where any employer, wherever they are in the globe, and service providers and freelancers in respective areas can meet, get introduced to each other, finalize the terms and conditions and get the concerned task finished 100% satisfactorily.

In this endeavor, both parties are happy that they got the chance to meet, by the courtesy of It’! Is it not wonderful?

Now let us go into the details pertaining to It’s Jungle platform, how it works and how it has already made over 100,000 employers get benefited, by getting the best of best service providers, and over 500,000 instant jobs got filled-up.

The difficulty of employers:
Here the term “employers” is used to denote individual home owners, small business owners, shops and enterprises only. Big Industries, business houses and corporate companies do not come into this purview, since they have their own establishment set-up for recruitment of human resources.

As far as the term “jobs or tasks” are concerned, it has limitless meanings. Every home, office or premises and individual persons have assorted types of “jobs” or “tasks” to get completed, only by professional, expert and deft hands.

Viewing from this perspective, you can understand the enormity of jobs such as cleaning, painting, plumbing, electrical, car or machinery or apparatus repair, manual labor from swimming pool renovation to gardening to mosquito repelling etc., and intellectual services like computer operation, consultancy, lawyer and legal services and so on.

You will agree whenever the need arises for carrying out the jobs and tasks mentioned above, inevitably the “employers” require the services of skilled persons or teams. In the normal circumstances, the practice is to roam about the market-place in the town, or locate the service providers through friends or neighbors etc.

This will be very tedious, time-consuming and tough proposition for these employers. Now thanks to It’, they can sit pretty at home, go online and land into the website, register as members and post their jobs and tasks for public notice. It’ provides the excellent and hassle-free opportunity of “free job posting” by the employers at their site.

Opportunities for service providers:
In any city or town, there will be lots of service providers, with required skills to carry out the jobs and tasks, to the satisfaction of employers. They may be individual freelancers, skilled workmen or a group or team of workmen or experts in their intellectual professions, working with or without a brand or banner.

They are always on the lookout for job opportunities, to reach them by personal visits of persons requiring their services, or by issuing advertisements in the news papers, or putting a banner or board in front of their work-place etc.

These service providers are also immensely benefited by It’ All they need to do is go through the postings of jobs by employers, ascertain the full-details of the scope, extent and requirements of the employers, and bid for the jobs right through formats provided by the It’ website.

If their bids are competitive enough, the employers will happily accept them, call them for work and entrust them with the tasks and jobs.

How It’s Jungle works?
At their website, It’ provides equal opportunities for both employers and service providers. Both of them should register their membership FREE OF COST; and a Personal Account gets opened for them.

Employers are provided “free job posting” facility, wherein they can give full details of their job specifications, requirements and how they want the job to be done, where and how etc.

They can call for “bids” from service providers and fix a time period, within which the bids are to be submitted. During this period, they can go through all the submitted bits carefully, and select their choice bid.

They can contact the prospective service provider directly; discuss the project in detail, and come to mutual understanding for allotting the concerned project to the service provider.

There are certain jobs which cannot wait, and some employers may not have the time to wait for getting the job finished quickly. In such eventualities, there is a short-cut. Instead of waiting for bidding, the employers can select their service providers, from the postings done by them at the site, and entrust their job to them directly forthwith.

Similarly service providers, job seekers, freelancers and professionals can post their details of skills and types of jobs they can undertake. Here they can quote the approximate cost of their services, and also bid for the already-posted jobs by the employers.

There is also another facility of publishing “Coupons” – mini advertisements with pictures – to capture the attention of employers and get job opportunities. Business Promotion is also made possible here.

Thus employers enjoy “free job posting”; selection of bids; getting their jobs done satisfactorily. Service providers get lucrative jobs. Just visit and get more details!

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