Freelance Profile Mistakes That will Cost You the Gig

When you get the chance to be a member of any freelancing site which can offer you scope to get freelance jobs then it is important for you to take its best advantages. There are few mistakes which most of the time we do and reduce our chances of getting hired in spite of the fact that we are an ideal choice for the profile. So what are those mistakes which we need to avoid?

  • Mistake 1: Forget to give look-over to your profile in freelancing site you got registered: Offering employers the right profile will help you get hired. If there are some drawbacks in profile then it will be hard for employers to know about the skills and experience you have. In spite of having accounted with the buyer-seller portal you will remain unrecognized. Your profile need to have quality profile photo or company logo. Add a small intro about you or your company and clearly mention the services which you can offer. Add keywords in service descriptions to show up fast with a single search.
  • Mistake 2: Allow profile staling: Making a profile is just not enough to continue getting work from new clients. The profile need to have the details of the current skills. If you failed to update it for more than a year then understand the profile is lost in garbage. It needs to be updated at regular interval to keep it fresh. Ask for client feedback once you deliver each project.
  • Mistake 3: General title and descriptions: If the description and title of your profile gives a generic look then trust us you will find it hard getting the right job match for you. Check the profile from the viewpoint of an employer. Try to think like them and the words they may look for to find the right candidate in the profiles. Use such terms in your description at time of modifying the description and especially the title. Your profile will be ranked high when you use the right keywords for you.
  • Mistake 4: Branding tone missing: Profile is something where freelancers need to pen down who they are and what they do. Language plays a king size role in making the profile perfect to grab the attention of the employers in one go. You profile should speak about your brand and wrong pitching will spoil your presence in employers eyes. Keep the targeted audience in mind and write keeping their requirements in mind. Use formal tone for big companies and informal tone for creative industry.
  • Mistake 5: Keeping profile empty: If you are registering on any freelance site than make sure your profile is full of details. If your profile is lacking examples of completed projects, then employer will not get that confidence in hiring you. The collection of works done so far in the portfolio will support in attracting the employers towards your services. Get an idea as how you can present the work portfolio to hitch the employers in one go.
  • Mistake 6: Grammatical mistake: The easiest way to allow employer in rejecting you is making poor grammar mistake in your profile. It will give the view to employers that you are careless in work just the way you are in your writing. It is hard to ignore that poor grammar can be the reason which will make it difficult for employers to understand your actual skills. If you are not into writing service then ask some experts to make the profile for you in a professional manner.

The above 6 are the major mistakes which are found in profiles of freelancers. There are many other mistakes which they can make but the discussed ones are the most serious.