Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing for Freelancers

Email marketing has emerged out as one of the most effective strategies for tapping new work and clients. It also plays a very responsible role but for staying in touch with the existing clients too. It is important that one keep them reminding them of the skills and also update about advanced services or offers one have to fetch more work from the client. But in order to get the best results out of Email marketing, there are few do’s and don’ts which you need to take care of. We are going to share with you few tips in this regard so that you can take the best advantage of the same for more work and business.


Detect the Target Audience: Who will be the targeted clients for emailing and what will be the services they may expect from you? Think about your client expectations and how to match the expectations with the services you offer.

Email customization for the Recipients: Sometimes one common mail will be enough to send all clients. But there are situations in which you need to customize the emails carefully for the recipients

Directing to landing pages: Your email should have the link to your website which clients can check before they take a call to avail or not to avail the service. If you are providing a link in your email for specific service or offer, then that should take the reader to that specific page which focuses on the particular service

Creative and attracting Incentives and Rewards:  What sort of incentives as well as rewards you will offer need to depend on the industry to which you belong. Be as much creative as you can at time of sharing the


Sending emails to Clients with Multiple Email accounts: Trust us this will no way encourage them to take the decision to hire you. All that it can do for you is you make place you on the blacklist of the client company

Neglecting the Requests for Unsubscribing: Make sure the email recipients get the option to unsubscribe for getting any more emails from you in future. It is your responsibility to honor the request. Immediately remove the ID from your mailing list and respect the privacy of the client.

Reveal account details of all Clients along with Contact Details: This will be one of the biggest mistakes that you will be doing when you send bulk mail keeping all senders in TO or CC. This will reveal the identity of all clients you are trying to deal with and may impact the face value you earned so far in the industry. It is your responsibility to respect the privacy of the client’s information. At the time of sending bulk mail to similar clients about your offers and deals ensure you keep each sender in BCC. This will keep the identity hidden of the client.

The above are the major Do’s and Don’ts which you need to take care at the time of investing in email marketing to get desired outcomes for your freelance job and business.