Creative Tips to Become a Better Blogger

Like many other we are sure that you also believe in the fact that blogs are one of the past elements of internet used for knowledge sharing. We are sorry to say that you are wrong. A year back based on data we found that close to 57% of the online consumers preferred to read, minimum 4 to 5 pieces of blogs or contents before final purchase.  Undoubtedly Contents are crucial component for measuring any business success. Blogging is ideal choice for showcasing the best written content of yours. Blogs are not a smart – they are much improved and smart.

The speed up the popularity of a blog there are some proven strategies which are must to implement:

1. Establishing a Link with previous and popularized posts: Establishing a link with older content for blog with new posts, will help in driving increased and new traffic to site. This will give scope to owner to display such articles which readers might not have read before. This will surely support in boosting up the SEO and Google rankings, besides also give scope to new readers about the business or service you offer with huge hits for the content.

2. Application of interesting yet specific tags: It’s good to stylize your posts in categories for general topics.  It is equally important to mark it up with tags. In case you are blogging on a topic of social media marketing, just wait, look of specific tags that can create a direct hit to reader’s heart to explain what you are describing. Do you know that Facebook advertising is more powerful than social media marketing especially in the case which gives to reader the chance to sort the content? It shows ways to readers the method to drill down for finding specific subject matter on the visited blog.

3. Application of attractive images: These days’ people are Instagram addicted and they look for images on the topic about which they already know. Images are attractive and appealing and prefer to share such blogs which are having some meaningful photos. Based on survey we can commit that around 94% of blog views are for those with appealing and meaningful images.

4. Introduce the power of a video: Including videos to blog posts cam is one of the best approaches to keep maximum readers engaged – and encourage to look for new ones. Adding videos can enhance 74% of traffic online. In year 2016 a research proved that social video is capable to generate more than 1,200% shares when compared to content with a combination of text and image. Adding video in blog posts will surely boost up your growth besides conversion rates.

5. A speech for call to action: A basic problem found in traditional blog is that they do not add call action for the viewers which they can use to once done. This leads to huge increase in bounce rate. It is advisable to include some sentence at the end of blog post like “You might also like” to link up posts in blog on similar topic. This way one can decrease bounce rate and encourage readers to check more contents on the blog.

6. Go for simple design: Blog page designing need to be simple and clear. Do not choose any such format which may create headache for reader with the cluttered look of blog page. Pick simple and easy to navigate design which can attract readers to spend time on your page. Use of bullets, readable fonts and required spacing are some of the key features of a good blog site.

7. Welcome comments: Create a comment space in the blog page. This will help readers to make communication with you and make the post interactive for other readers too. If you can reply to their queries in a thoughtful manner it may be the case that they end up visiting the blogs regularly and also go with your products and services.

8. Include the share button:  With share button with your posts you can enhance audience base. If you allow such posts to be shared by your readers in various social media channels then that will open up the scope to make it visible to potential clients. Social sharing gives a solid boost to SEO and Google page rankings and will provide any idea about the content genres which are most liked by people.