Are You Ready to Quit Your Job and Join the Freelance Work?

Based on the recent research done by the experts on the job market, it was found that by year 2020 there will be an increase of 40% workforce in the freelance market. This gives a clear indication that professionals will make a sure sort shift to freelancing from regular full time jobs. An American study clarified that that there are some 53 million people who are already in freelance industry. This proves that almost 1 out of every 3 people is a freelancer now.

It’s true that in the initial days your earning may not be that much which can be compared with regular job. But with time with your effort and surely hard work you will find constant increase in the cash flow. You will find it easy to achieve the targets with practice and a time will come where you may find yourself in a position much above the earning of a regular job.

In the freelance industry a service provider will get the privilege to serve more than one customer at the same time. One gets a feel of freedom, flexibility, power and essence of entrepreneurship with time. You can decide when to work, how to work and for what pay to work… in short you are your own boss.

Few things which can’t be ignored about freelancing are that:

  • Need time for making effective acquisition of customer
  • Work hard to establish strong bond with customers
  • Flexible yet limited days for holidaying
  • No fixed hours for work
  • No performance review
  • Need self improvement for performing better

In coming time freelancing will emerge as a popular choice for good earning at comfort.

Features of fulltime freelancing:

  • You need to work alone being at the comfort of your home
  • Need to be self discipline as behave like your own boss
  • Need to be professional enough as you need to deal directly with the client
  • Get empowered with the tricks of price negotiation
  • Self education to stay updated about the ongoing trends of the freelance world

Why to start a career being a freelancer?

In freelancing you get the choice to be your own boss with no scope of getting dominated by corporate boss. You are free from being late and facing of appraisals. You are empowered to keep control on your own work but being serious with respect for the time and money of the clients for whom you freelance. The most important advantage of freelancing is that you get the chance to work from home. This way you can save many expenses. One of most important among them is the money you spend to travel to reach your office for regular job. You save time too. All that you need for freelancing is a good Wi-Fi connection, a Smartphone with video calling facilities and last but not the least is a verified email account and bank account.

Give your regular job a break and try your luck with freelancing.