5 Freelance Fails Hindering Your Success

Being a freelancer is not easy and in most of the cases they face critical barriers in their life which are hard for them to cross. In such cases we advice freelancers to detect the barriers in advance and try to avoid the same as they can come in your way to make your success difficult in the industry. We will suggest you some freelancing advice and common mistakes which you need to avoid succeeding in the industry.

Never allow to make late payments

There are many freelancers who mention a payment terms of 28- days while sending invoices to clients as because they feel that’s the way industry works. Do you know that in no legal way you are obliged to give so long timeline to client for payment? Freelancers are not aware that by this way they are giving chance to client to enjoy interest of 28 days on their earnings. You are giving them interest-free credit. The client is bound to pay you the moment the invoice is send to him/her. In case you are in need of money urgently then feel be stress free and give shorter timeline for payment clearance. Chase the client if they make late payments.

Meet people to know the industry

If you are a freelancer, and never take the risk to step out of home to know the industry better then you are going to miss too many opportunities. Go for networking events as it will help you find partners for bigger projects, and to meet new clients. Mingle with other freelancers to expanding your network. Spending too much time at home to work will fuse your mind and lead to several health problems. Try to be a part of co-working space; even it can be for a days or weeks it will help in boosting the energy level and well being.

Avoid overselling yourself

Freelancers are mostly multi-skilled, and have good knowledge in many fields. For example copywriters do have basic knowledge about HTML, while a graphic designer carries some info about JavaScript. So if you are one among this set of freelancers then you may find a tendency to offer some generalist services. Knowing about your qualities clients may ask for favours and enquire if you can some other work for them. You will get tempted and make a commitment as this will give you some extra penny and a chance to brush your hidden qualities. Trust us such approach is not at all good. But why? You are not the master of the added services you are offering and may fail to match up the expected standards. As a result of which you may stop getting all future assignments from freelancing site which was expected in coming up and in which you are good at.

Do not behave like a company

You may be surprised to know that, there is a specific set of freelancers who in order to appear trustworthy to the clients, fetching more work, and may pretend to be company although when they are not. This way they confuse the clients, who feel that they hired a company when the reality is that it’s a sole freelancer. When they mention “we” in their communication mails in place of I it gives the impression that virtual assistant is reverting the mails. Create a professional business image with hosted email address and an impressive profile pic. This will support you in giving a rock solid impression to the employers who are in search of talents like you.

Keep a day for rest back-end work

Being a freelancer is like maintaining a small business where you need to do the work alone starting from servicing to account keeping, from query management to documentations. Keep a day a week to do the rest business work.